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buy Heroin Online, also known as diacetylmorphine and diamorphine among other names,[1] is an opioid used as a recreational drug for its euphoric effects. Medical grade diamorphine is used as a pure hydrochloride salt which is distinguished from black tar heroin, a variable admixture of morphinederivatives—predominantly 6-MAM (6-monoacetylmorphine), which is the result of crude acetylation during clandestine production of street heroin.[3] Diamorphine is used medically in several countries to relieve pain, such as during childbirth or a heart attack, as well as in opioid replacement therapy.

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Technical Information
A solution in acetonitrile (1 mg/ml of each compound)
DEA Exempt Notification
This product is a DEA exempt preparation of a scheduled compound – no special processing required. For larger quantities or alternate sizes please contact sales.Buy Heroin Online
Shipping & Storage Information.
Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere

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